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Voter Education Materials

Election Protection is working 365 days to advance and defend your right to vote, but you also need to be fully equipped with information and resources to help you cast a ballot on Election Day.

The resources below help guide voters through the election process so they are better informed and empowered to participate in our democracy.

Share Election Protection’s Hotline Numbers and Social Media Tools

With the new Voting VIP Palm Card, you can tell your friends and family members about Election Protection’s multiple language hotlines and get them using Election Protection social media voting tools today!

Use the Election Protection Voting VIP Card to have all your voting resources in one place and to find out about joining the I Pledge to Protect The Right To Vote. Do You? campaign. Learn more about the I Pledge campaign here.

 Fair Elections Legal Network state specific palm cards

Use & Promote the 1-866-OUR-VOTE Hotline

The Election Protection Hotline, 1-866-OUR-VOTE (1-866-687-8683), is the only live nationwide voter assistance hotline.  Voters can call the Hotline to receive answers to their questions – no matter how simple or complex – and report problems to be addressed by a highly trained volunteer.

Voters can call the Hotline to:

•    Verify registration status
•    Find out how to register to vote
•    Receive information on early and absentee voting
•    Find their polling location
•    Receive technical assistance on voter ID acquisition
•    Report voter intimidation or deceptive election practices

Download the Election Protection Hotline Flyer

Use the Election Protection Smartphone App to Educate and Empower Voters

When it comes to registering and voting, having the right information can often mean the difference between casting a ballot and being left out of the process. Americans – particularly young people and communities of color – are much more accustomed to receiving information via their mobile phones. This election cycle, it’s vital for voters to be able to access key information right in the palm of their hand. Organizers can use the Election Protection App to go out into the community to:

•    Verify voter registration;
•    Register people to vote;
•    Look up the polling place of their family and friends;
•    Educate voters about key voting rules and regulations for their state;
•    See what type of machine they vote on; and
•    Contact Election Protection via phone or email to report a problem or get answers to their questions.

Download the Election Protection Smartphone App

Spread the word! Download the Election Protection Smartphone App Flyer!

Student Voting Guides

Brennan Center 50 state guide to help students understand the different voting laws and rules in each state so they know how to properly register and vote.

Check out the Brennan Center's Student Voting Guide

Fair Elections Legal Network guide to help students organize on campus

Know Your Rights! State Specific Voter Checklists

You have the right to vote—it’s the law. Use the voter's checklist to find out the 8-10 things voters need to know before heading to the polls on Election Day. 

We are currently updating the state specific materials.