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Clerks say eliminating same-day voter registration would create more difficulties

November 24, 2012   ·   The LaCrosse Tribune   ·  Source Article

Election Day registration is an important aspect of the electoral process in many states, and especially in Wisconsin. Recently, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker suggested gettind rid of same day registration in order to "make the process easier for pollworkers." However, Diane Hermann-Brown--election communications chairwoman for the Wisconsin Municipal Clerks' Association--says that eliminating same day regisrtation would make things more difficult for pollworkers. 

"Clerks also would be required to issue provisional ballots to voters whose registrations could not immediately be verified, she said. Such ballots require extra effort by both clerks and voters before they can be counted. And large numbers of uncounted provisional ballots means election results could be delayed by days, Hermann-Brown said." 

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