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Long Lines, “Chaos” in Florida

November 6, 2012   ·   Election Protection

The 866-OURVOTE team is receiving multiple reports of long lines and chaotic polling sites in Florida.

In Orlando, an Election Protection team was dispatched to a polling place with only two machines, a five-hour wait, and 600 people in line.

In Fort Lauderdale, a voter reported “chaos” and long lines at a disorganized polling place, a situation that was causing voters to believe that they were losing their chance to vote.

A caller in a voting line in Hernando County called to report a voting line that was 3-4 hours long. According to the caller, polling officials were counting the ballots as people voted, causing the voting process to go very slowly.

In Palm Beach County, a voter called to report a wait of 5 and one-half hours.

These rampant problems accentuate the need for reform. The Election Protection coalition vigorously advocates that state and federal governemnts work together to modernize our whole voter registration system. Technological improvements will correct errors associated with paper ballots and create a faster, more efficient process.