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Miscalibrated Voting Machines in PA, SC, VA

November 6, 2012   ·   Election Protection

Making the rounds: a video of a Pennsylvania voting machine that changes an Obama vote to one for Romney.

But it’s not just Pennsylvania machines that are miscalibrated.

The 866-OUR-VOTE team received a report that a machine in Great Falls, Chester County, South Carolina is changing Obama votes to a vote for Romney. Our caller also reports that if you don't complete the entire ballot, the machine gives you a warning but doesn't let you go back to fix the issue. And according to the caller, a poll worker is telling voters to submit the ballot, but that it might not be counted -- even though the voter never gets an opportunity to fix it.

And in the Tidewater region of VA, voters told the 866-OURVOTE team that voting machines were registering incorrect votes, with votes for Obama switching to Romney. Another incident was reported in northern Virginia.