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Technical Glitches with Our Vote Live

November 6, 2012   ·   Election Protection

This year, we rolled out the new Our Vote Live website to allow the public to track in real time the issues Election Protection picks up from voters around the country on Election Day. Unfortunately, we are experiencing technical glitches with the new website, so Election Protection has decided to switch back to an older Our Vote Live platform, which can be accessed at electionawareness.appspot.com.

BUT we are working hard to maintain all of the advanced features from Our Vote Live 2012 for the press and the public. Election Protection will still aggregate and post voting issues on our website at 866ourvote.org. We encourage you to monitor our RSS feed to receive these updates. Our social media team will disseminate important information as well, so please keep up with our tweets and Facebook posts. While individuals can no longer submit reports directly on the website, we encourage voters with voting problems to call 1-866-OUR-VOTE or tweet the issue using the hashtag #OVLReport.

If you would like to search individual reports on Our Vote Live, that is STILL an option. Please follow these instructions:

How to search reports:

  1. Click Search Reports
  2. Select 2012 Election from the first drop down
  3. Then select your state from the next drop down
  4. Click search
  5. Dropdown boxes will then appear that will allow you to search by:
    • Category
    • County
    • Follow Up Needed

If you need to pull up a specific report us “Looking for a specific report number? Enter it here” that is below the “Search Reports” header.

Thank you for your patience. And remember, keep 1-866-OUR-VOTE saved in your phone and make sure the Election Protection Smartphone App (for Android or listed as “ElectProtect” in iTunes) is installed and working properly on your phone.