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The Urgency of Now


We fully survived an intense and challenging 2016 presidential election cycle. Through our Election Protection program, we heard about the apprehensions and complications faced by well over 100,000 voters across the country this election cycle.  We received complaints about long lines, police officers outside of polling sites, officials asking for photo ID in states with no such requirement, students barred from voting, and voters removed from the registration rolls, among many other issues.  We will use this data to push for election reform at the state level and to continue to advocate for long overdue restoration of the Voting Rights Act.

Now, we stand at a critical moment in American democracy.  Real work is necessary to bridge the powerful divides that exist between us.  With focus, clarity and unrelenting resolve we are prepared to press forward with the urgent work that lies ahead.

In 1963, President John F. Kennedy issued a call for lawyers to mobilize to help combat discrimination and protect the rights of minorities.  While some progress has been made, we know that this progress is fragile and can be easily unraveled.  As we prepare for President-Elect Donald Trump’s tenure and a change in administration, the Lawyers’ Committee will carry forward JFK’s legacy and continue to press for policies that ensure that every man, woman and child living in this nation is treated with dignity, fairness, respect and equality.

There is unfinished business on core civil rights issues. This work must remain at the forefront of our national agenda. We are determined and focused on the fight that lies ahead of us.  We ask that you help us galvanize communities and social justice advocates for this work by making a donation today.  The fate of American democracy is at stake.







Kristen Clarke

President and Executive Director, Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law